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Evolv Foundation (EF), Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE), Evolv Enterprise Platform (EEP), Evolv Cryptographic Token (ECT), Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA), Enterprise Evolv Alliance Education Foundation (EEAF), Enterprise Evolv Alliance Investment Capital (EAIC),

Evolv Foundation (EF) is represented by Latvian non-profit organization "Trīs pūķi". Its purpose is to be a legal representative for worldwide, decentralized Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE). It communicates with, looks after and manages Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA) members. All together as one ecosystem is promoting technological decentralization.

Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE) will become a business development hub. That increase economic growth, enhances societal well-being, and helps ensure sustainable development in Borderless, Transnational and Decentralized ways. Merging fintech, blockchain and banking to capitalize on the rise of a massive global industry.

Evolv Enterprise Platform (EEP) will provide options for low-tier entrepreneurs, employees, and other individuals that are looking to do value transactions, messaging, escrow, commerce. It is constantly evolving organism for enterprise and people. It allows anyone to participate without any form of discrimination. There is little or no reliance on third parties such as banks or finance providers, which reduces overhead costs and improves reliability.

Evolv Cryptographic Token (ECT) represent a value or is a value itself. Use case of a token is the creation that gives you access to the features of the decentralized enterprise platform - consumptive use. Instead of having cash or Bitcoin as the way to pay for goods and services, you use cryptographic Evolv token.

Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA) technologically decentralized enterprise community focusing on reducing barriers to, and accelerating the smooth introduction and widespread adoption of Evolv by and for professionals.

Evolv Foundation (EF) with Enterprise Evolv Alliance Education Foundation (EEAF) will provide constant support and guidance through its resources and communication solutions for the betterment of the industry.

Enterprise Evolv Alliance Investment Capital (EAIC) will ensure human well-being with initiatives that provide social, environmental, and economic benefits. It will work to support sustainable enterprise technological innovation development. Engage the public and private sectors to scale up enterprise development investments in low-carbon technological innovation projects


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