Borderless Transnational Decentralized


Evolv Enterprise Platform

  Evolv Enterprise Platform (EEP) will provide options for entrepreneurs, employees, and other individuals that are looking to do value transactions, messaging, escrow, commerce and much more. It is constantly evolving tool for enterprise and individual. It allows anyone to participate without any form of discrimination. There is little or no reliance on third parties…
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Enterprise Evolv Alliance

Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA) – digitally decentralized enterprise community focusing on reducing barriers to, and accelerating the smooth introduction and widespread adoption of Evolv by and for professionals. It will help companies in all parts of the Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE) to achieve greater operational efficiency and connection. Evolv Cryptographic Token (ECT) and Enterprise Ecosystem…
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Evolv Foundation

  Evolv Foundation (EF) is represented by Latvian non-profit organization "Trīs pūķi". Its purpose is to be a legal representative for worldwide, decentralized open-source Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE). It communicates with, looks after and manages Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA). All together as one ecosystem is promoting digital decentralization where it has never been heard of.…
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Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem

Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE) will become a business development hub. That increase economic growth, enhances societal well-being, and helps ensure sustainable development in Borderless, Transnational and Decentralized ways. Merging fintech, blockchain and banking to capitalize on the rise of a massive global industry. Evolv is dedicated to developing the next generation of services and products…
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Our Approach

Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE) creating value We use innovations in technological decentralization to drive research and development of Evolv that address some of most pressing challenges. At the same time, we must also deliver sustainable growth and value for our community, be they companies, employees, investors or society. As the global financial tool and the…
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Our support

Evolv is made and supported by its distributed enterprise community. There are many ways you can find and access community support. Issues such as financing and the expansion of networks are decisive for the success of business model innovation. Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE) focus on the market access for existing product innovations, diversification projects, and…
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Our resources

Evolv Foundation (EF), Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE), Evolv Enterprise Platform (EEP), Evolv Cryptographic Token (ECT), Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA), Enterprise Evolv Alliance Education Foundation (EEAF), Enterprise Evolv Alliance Investment Capital (EAIC), Evolv Foundation (EF) is represented by Latvian non-profit organization "Trīs pūķi". Its purpose is to be a legal representative for worldwide, decentralized Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem…
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Our values

  We Are Passionate About Our Business, Our Brands We Have the Humility and Hunger to Learn Open to different ideas and cultures We Strive for Simplicity We Love Success Evolv seek to build trust-based and lasting relationships with enterprise community to generate value in society and deliver long-term stakeholder returns. Community centricity, agility, team…
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