Borderless Transnational Decentralized

Evolv Enterprise Platform


Evolv Enterprise Platform (EEP) will provide options for entrepreneurs, employees, and other individuals that are looking to do value transactions, messaging, escrow, commerce and much more. It is constantly evolving tool for enterprise and individual. It allows anyone to participate without any form of discrimination. There is little or no reliance on third parties such as banks or finance providers, which reduces overhead costs and improves reliability.

It is a “Smart Economy” where a comprehensive blockchain with powerful technology stack will create better ways of managing financial transactions. That will provide methods for enterprises and individuals a way to access funds without having to deal with the complex settlements and processes of centralized institutions. That will benefit society as a whole as it is likely to increase productivity and economic growth.

Digital decentralization model is offering opportunities to collectively earn passive income for anyone in the World.


Evolv Enterprise Platform

Crypto Friendly

Trustless Escrow

Voting Governance

(P2P) Personal commerce

(P2P) Enterprise commerce

End-to-End Encrypted Chat

No intermediation by a third-party

Passive Income (annual stake inflation)

other things


Any Enterprise or Individual with internet access is able to do online commerce using open-source, borderless, transnational, decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) Evolv Enterprise Platform (EEP) - cutting middlemen, bureaucracy out of the equation.

Evolv is implementing the best technology in industry to its enterprise platform. This will grant the users all benefits mentioned above and beyond.

Decentralized peer-to-peer transactions, peer-to-peer online commerce and global financial networks have become the name of the game. Evolv will provide that and much more.


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