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Enterprise Evolv Alliance

Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA) – digitally decentralized enterprise community focusing on reducing barriers to, and accelerating the smooth introduction and widespread adoption of Evolv by and for professionals. It will help companies in all parts of the Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE) to achieve greater operational efficiency and connection.

Evolv Cryptographic Token (ECT) and Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE) were introduced to 109 company which employees have heard a very little about cryptocurrency and its possibilities. This network of companies is our growing decentralized Brick and Mortar enterprise community which has employees, business partners, clients, and other infrastructure.

Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA) participants in distribution Over-the-counter (OTC) method for enterprises, main, documented requirement is to distribute Evolv Cryptographic Tokens (ECT) further to other Enterprises. Hold long term for planned Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE) development:

  • 25% Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA)

  • 25% Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA) B2B partners;

  • 15% Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA) B2B clients;

  • 15% Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA) Education Foundation

  • 20% Enterprise Evolv Alliance Investment Capital (EEAIC)

Evolv is establishing lifelong partnerships with businesses from around the globe in endeavor to educate about technological decentralization (all technologies behind it). Also, to distribute Evolv Cryptographic Tokens as wide and decentralized as possible. This will help to grow not only Evolv but whole technological decentralization industry (“cryptocurrency”, etc.).

Distribution by and education fund directly by reputable Enterprise entities, well established in societies, will provide a respectful and open-minded look to technological decentralization. This approach will attract people and enterprises who, even, have never heard about Bitcoin.


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