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We may all have heard something about Bitcoin. To really learn about it and test it is quite complicated venture. When you start educate yourself, suddenly you discover the ecosystem. I was surprised to learn that there is more beyond Bitcoin.

Our company was approached by well educated people. We have learned a lot since then. Our interest in this ecosystem is growing every day. When we were offered to join Evolv, suddenly we became a community members of this Bitcoin ecosystem. Bitcoin is the greatest, because it has dedicated worldwide community.

We love Bitcoin, it has created something truly magical. Internet industry which we have become a part of. We are a process driven organization. We fell in love with the idea to support and help develop new decentralized community around internet technology.

Bartosz Szymanski, Senior Vice President, Poland

Evolv community member has introduced our company to cryptocurrency industry. Our company community was surprised when it learned about the industry. We have never imagined that it is such a big deal. The complicated learning experience was a nice challenge and escape from routine.

We are looking forward to work together for the benefit of the whole industry. This can only be achieved if we all work together as a community with common goals. We also ensure that we will introduce new technology and solutions through our infrastructure that will benefit the entire decentralization community.

Mark Leeks, Chief Product Officer, Estonia

Our company has joined the Enterprise Evolv Alliance to further our overall economic impact. We have never expected to be a part of a decentralized internet community.

We embrace decentralization technology and will try to keep up with it. Our company is very happy for this opportunity. Which pushed us to evolve beyond day to day brick and mortar business.

Edgars Mouris, Chief executive officer, Latvia

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