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Evolv Foundation (EF)

Represented by Latvian non-profit organization "Trīs pūķi". A legal representative for worldwide, decentralized open-source Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE). It communicates with, looks after and manages Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA). All together as one ecosystem is promoting digital decentralization where it has never been heard of.


Enterprise Evolv Alliance (EEA)

Enterprise community focusing on reducing barriers to, and accelerating the smooth introduction and widespread adoption of Evolv by and for professionals. It will help Evolv Enterprise Ecosystem (EEE) to achieve greater operational efficiency and connection.


Evolv Enterprise Platform (EEP)

Quicker confirmations of transactions, payments and remittances can be done cross-border over blockchain in real-time. Decentralized peer-to-peer transactions, peer-to-peer commerce, messaging, escrow and passive income.


Enterprise Evolv Alliance Education Foundation (EEAF)

Provide constant support and guidance through its resources and communication solutions for the betterment of the industry.


Enterprise Evolv Alliance Investment Capital (EAIC)

Create investments that channel investor capital into profitable businesses. Ensure that investor capital, has a growing, long-lasting and transformational role. Input and Voting from the whole Enterprise Evolv Ecosystem (EEE) will shape how it invest and evolve.

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